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Employer Branding

Strategic and targeted employer branding solutions supported by consultancy. Let us guide you through our approach! 

We collect data via our self-developed, complex methodology to build strategy and organizational diagnosis, create EVPs, campaigns or internal communications. Thanks to our holistic and human-centered mindset, we offer relevant answers to each challenge across the employee life cycle. We believe in consistency, yet we are open to integrate fresh and progressive ideas. We also treasure the power and impact of tailor-made messages and channel mix based on detailed personas. Moving with ease in between the fields of HR and communications, our team of experts showcases various skills and experiences to support our clients. 

This is how we deliver in-depth research, inspired creative concepts and impactful activations.  



Before launching a well-grounded organisational development or HR communication campaign, we need to find an answer to a fundamental question: How do we achieve the most substantial positive impact?

The data-driven analytics services of Impact Works present a clear picture of a company’s status. Thus, we enable decision-makers to understand better the key factors and impacts for their future developments. The analysis also reveals the organisational strengths that provide a solid foundation for brand and HR strategy and communication.


Once we have defined the directions for development, we also need to understand which steps and milestones will lead us to our goals.

Whether it is an individual or organisational challenge, we help decision-makers drive the implementation with strategy consulting. For our clients, we develop practical solutions for the conceptual design and planning of HR, organisational development and communication strategy, as well as campaigns.


Consultants and strategists are in their element when they can work on problems – but we also like to play our part in delivering the solution.

Our approach is simple: from project management to creative design to execution, our integrated agency team tacks all assignments with high professional standards and attention to details.

In addition to communication solutions, we also have comprehensive expertise in organisational development. It allows Impact Works to add more value to strategic cooperation with individual and group training sessions, as well as HR development programs.

Employer Brand Roadmap Planning Workshop

Keeping up with market changes, yet staying focused. Listening to the needs of potential candidate target groups and internal customers. Standing out among competitors, yet communicating credibly. These challenges urge us to look beyond our goals regularly, set priorities and create new structures for a consistent employer brand.


Recruitment personas

Anyone who has directly experienced the power of tailored messages and carefully selected communication channels will have a strong advantage in the highly competitive labour market. Recruitment personas are a tangible tool to help you quickly identify the best channels and decide how and what to communicate to accomplish recruitment targets.


Employer Competitor Analysis

How do you become a highly attractive employer when your competitors aim for the same? Our competitive analysis with a digital focus and data-driven approach will give you the answers, providing a solid foundation for planning the next steps in employer branding.


Employer Branding Strategy

Under the pressure of labour market challenges, many companies want to say something new, attractive and exciting about themselves. But if the messages do not fit into any concept and do not present a credible picture of the organisation, communication can have a reverse effect on employees. A well-structured and consistently applied brand strategy allows for a reliable solution for the avoidance of misplaced communication.


Recruitment campaign

Critical position groups where staff shortages are already threatening day-to-day business operations and corporate objectives? Ambitious recruitment targets that require vocal communication? As the growing list of shortage occupations is aggravated by general labour shortages, targeted and visible communication campaigns are becoming even more valuable.


Job Advertisement Redesign

Job advertisements are the oldest and most essential recruitment tool, but preparing them is anything but easy. A detailed guide booklet will help you design and customize your communication, including specific messages that grab attraction effectively. What else do we provide for a successful restart?


Internal Communication Campaign Development

High-performing and enthusiastic colleagues. Loyalty to the company. Employee satisfaction that even the competition envies. Strengthening the employee community is the dream of every HR team, and fortunately, most are actively doing it. And proper internal communication will take this people- and talent-focused approach to perfection, ensuring that news and changes are received positively in the organization.


Social Media Management

Navigating an employer brand in social media is an exhilarating challenge. Platforms and user trends constantly change, but consistency and thoughtfully designed content always wins. What gains can social media offer if we manage these channels professionally?