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Employer Branding

Every company has a primary interest in both finding and retaining appropriately skilled and dedicated employees. Nowadays none of these is easy. In some areas, we experience a burning lack of skilled labor, meanwhile in other areas businesses need to spend fortunes on the recruitment of qualified staff in order to mitigate the negative effects of increasing fluctuation.
Our Employer Branding services can support your business with creating and managing the design and management of your very own employer brand.
We assess the organization and compare the corporate culture with the real experiences of its employees by the most up-to-date HR tests. Based on these results we create the basis of the company’s employer brand and support its internal and external communications and organizational development measures in order to hire and keep the best people in the right positions.


Audiovisual support

Online marketing

Crisis communication

Media and PR relations

CSR planning

Planning and execution

Audit – HR surveys

Strategy development