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Employer brand strategy

Under the pressure of labour market challenges, many companies want to say something new, attractive and exciting about themselves. But if the messages do not fit into any concept and do not present a credible picture of the organisation, communication can have a reverse effect on employees. A well-structured and consistently applied brand strategy allows for a reliable solution for the avoidance of misplaced communication.

How do we build outstandingly performing employer brands at Impact Works?

  • From challenges to strengths, we assess the organisation in terms of the complexity of corporate relationships and processes.
  • We explore the cultural identity, establishing the credibility of the brand.
  • In line with the primary business objectives, we position the employer brand.
  • We define the values, personality and tone of the brand.
  • We develop the brand’s EVPs, i.e., the employer strengths that differentiate the company from its competitors and pose a definite appeal to the target group.
  • We create or redesign the distinctive visual identity of the employer brand, paying attention to the existing image requirements and guidelines.


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