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Recruitment campaign


Well-founded EVPs. Credibility. Relevance. The principles of employer branding, in alignment with the company’s established employer brand strategy, are like an undiscovered talent. Until we shine the spotlight on the company’s value propositions – and professionally amplify them through the proper channels – we cannot hope to attract an audience.

Embracing the current trends and building on our experience with global corporate clients, we start campaign planning by mapping the context. Our most valuable allies are EB strategy, persona creation and competitive analysis, but even a precise brief is enough to get you started. With our creative and expert team, we develop concepts that create a balance between fresh ideas and brand visual identity and image. We take the process from ambassador selection through photo and video production to media buying. We focus on performance, driven by the strongest insights and deep target audience knowledge in all activities, from copywriting to ad formats and channel selection.

During campaign development, we help our clients not to lose focus on consistent branding while looking for instant solutions, enabling them to communicate their core values in their style. A successful campaign means achieving two results: we effectively support recruitment targets while strengthening employer awareness and positive perception in each campaign period.


Recruitment for critical position groups

  • when HR wants to speak to potential candidates in a targeted and relevant way,
  • when your company is looking for new colleagues in a specific area of expertise or location,
  • when the company wants to take employer brand awareness to a higher level.

When recruiting an extensive staff

  • when starting a new head office, division or site,
  • when digital or out-of-home visibility and awareness become essential to a successful strategy,
  • when the company wants to support the careers site with effective traffic generation,
  • to attract and activate passive jobseekers and thus widen the potential pool of employees.


An original idea, a bold visual framework, a catchy slogan or an energising call to action? A recruitment campaign is the first experience of the candidate journey, presenting one of the most exciting challenges in the design process, i.e. the creative concept. We share two best practices for this.

Precise target group definitions and elaborate candidate personas allow for addressing candidates with specific content instead of generic ads. The conversion rates will reflect our efforts if we prepare job ads that feel close to the candidates’ world, goals and vision and use their preferred channels.

As with strategy development, the Impact Works team of experts takes the same holistic approach to campaign development. We also expect advertising to build trust. That’s why we support ambassador programmes: our experience confirms the power of visuals that present our client’s employees and their credible recommendations.


Weeks 1-2

  • Defining specific objectives, target groups and advertising budget
  • The basics: brand visual image and strategy, competitors and candidate personas


Weeks 3-5

  • Creative concept development: defining messages and visual direction
  • Advertising and channel matrix design, definition of KPIs
  • Campaign plan presentation


Weeks 6-8

  • Preparing an advertising campaign based on approved key visuals and key messages
  • Photo/video production tasks – depending on concept
  • Preparation of creative mutations
  • Media buying and setup – as required

Campaign development is an excellent opportunity to build a more complex employer brand ambassador programme. Starting with the internal campaign required for successful recruitment, these activities include gathering compelling testimonials (storytelling workshop and/or research), defining extra roles (social media, recruitment events), and continuously building the ambassador community.


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