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Competitive analysis

A FIRST STEP TOWARDS YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Online listening and competitive analysis

As the competition for talented candidates in the labour market increases and employers have to compete for attention across all channels actively, analysis of the broader and narrower competitive landscape has become essential for successful strategy and communication.

Distinctive value messages, a striking visual world, and attractive talent campaigns – masterful employer branding starts with data collection and will draw the correct conclusions to help your company stand out among your competitors.

In addition to a comprehensive sector scan, we propose a complex review and analysis of 4-5 selected companies in the last six months.

We define the four pillars of our competitive analysis to create an extensive snapshot. Social listening, advertising analysis, career site evaluation, and assessment of presence on job portals often go beyond the obvious information. We can infer your competitors’ position in the labour market, including their strengths, weaknesses, EVPs, or even the candidate experience, and advertising and recruitment strategy.

With structured information, expert comparisons and recommendations, we provide an accurate snapshot and clear points of orientation: what makes your company unique, how to formulate distinctive messages, which channels to target, and which areas to develop. Competitive analysis can also be leveraged for your HR objectives, from strategy creation through developing or refreshing the employer brand to specific recruitment campaigns.


For new market entrants

  • if your company wants to thoroughly assess the key players in the industry, including their online and offline presence,
  • if intensive recruitment objectives require effective communication by strengthening online presence or launching new platforms,
  • there are too many open questions about employer brand strategy or communication strategy.


For competitive edge redefinition

  • if your company needs an accurate snapshot of its situation in the industry to strengthen its position in the labour market and improve employer brand awareness,
  • if increased market noise hampers attracting suitable candidates,
  • if your company wants to stand out with exceptional candidate experience from the very first moment,
  • if you are looking for the proper channels, activities or advertising platforms to communicate your differentiating competitive advantage effectively.


Social listening is the initial and fundamental step in our competitive analysis: we detect what social platforms, content and style your competitors use, and how effectively they communicate.

We assess the paid online/offline campaign elements by analysing ads to understand competitors’ visibility and current messaging.

We assess career sites and job portals to map competitors’ open positions, distinctive employer value propositions, brand voice and design. We analyse the candidate experience from a UX/UI perspective.



identifying the objectives, competitors to be assessed and research focus points


analysis along the methodological framework and individual needs; in-depth mapping of industry players and competitors; social listening, analysis of advertisements, assessment of career sites and job portals


presentation of research findings, recommendations and next steps



As a next step, we can support your organisation with a complex strategy or communication plan that goes beyond competitive analysis.


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