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Although the restrictions on the pandemic situation are currently easing and offices are coming to life again, returning to the new normal is by no means an easy process. 

Return to the office and regular work schedule is a significant shock to both employees and the employer. And it causes no less stress than the lock-downs in March: leaving home office after long months may develop insecurity, fear, distrust, and sometimes panic. 

To prevent this, we have developed a comprehensive framework that enables our clients to support a smooth return to the workplace and maintain the commitment and trust of employees to their employer: 

  • Through fieldwork research, we assess the specific situation of the company and the processes involved. As the next step, we prepare the organization for the return of employees with targeted consulting. 
  • We create a detailed reboarding manual for both employees and managers. 
  • For effective and continuous communication, we create a communication schedule and develop content for several channels. 
  • We conduct pulse surveys and focus group research to quickly respond to employee needs and organizational requirements in the changing environment. 


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