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Emlpoyee experience design

Employee experience: just another HR-buzzword or a strategic focus for organisations? Impact Works and its clients believe in the latter because staff performance and corporate efficiency are closely related.

Analysing employee experience requires a comprehensive approach. Just a questionnaire or a conversation with colleagues is not enough. With the Impact Works Employee Experience Audit™, we can get a complete picture of the organisation, learn about its boundaries and capabilities, and explore the deeper layers of the corporate culture.

What does this mean in practice?

  • First, we review and evaluate the documents and communication process elements that affect employee experience.
  • We then assess employee perceptions and opinions about organisational activities. We use our proprietary digital survey platform (EVPrism™), as well as focus group workshops.
  • Finally, we examine a factor that is difficult to quantify but does matter a lot: the opinion of (senior) managers/leaders. For this, we use structured interviews, as the opinion of managers is crucial in setting directions for development.

The result is a complete organisational map that precisely shows the company’s strengths and areas for improvement from the employee perspective. We identify steps we can take to improve further our colleagues’ perceptions of their workplace – and thus their commitment and performance.

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