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Building a remote organizational culture

To assess opinions on organizational culture change, we conducted a representative survey in July 2020 using the OPINIO poll and market research application. The survey revealed that the vast majority of employees believe that the post-COVID-19 period requires a complete and comprehensive transformation of the corporate culture. Interestingly, however, respondents do not think this activity should be solely delegated to either managers or employees: they regard the challenge as a shared task. At the same time, nearly 60% of respondents expect a change in the attitudes of leaders for the effective management of the new situation. 

Transforming the corporate/organizational culture is a complex task that requires a complex solution. For this, we have developed a customizable and modular system. The modules can be used independently or can be linked and integrated into a single framework. 

  • We identify the organization’s local dilemmas and issues from the “new normal” perspective and hold senior management workshops on the topics. To electrify ideas and promote shared thinking, participants get a “digital “homework” before the workshops. During the sessions, tangible decisions are made about the culture and operation of the organization. 
  • We share the results of the workshops with employees in a multi-channel communication campaign using an interactive methodology. 
  • Middle management training sessions (with blended methodology) to acquire future-proof competencies. 
  • Employee training sessions (with blended methodology) to acquire future-proof competencies. 


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