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Strategy development

Strategy development

In what can we help?

Whether it is a complex Employer Branding Strategy or a specific communication campaign, goals aren’t worth much without a clear strategy that has specific tasks and responsibilities defined.
We believe that for a campaign to succeed a proper plan has to be put in place, designed with involvement of the client or a wider range of stakeholders. Instead of high-sounding phrases a set of specific steps, tasks, timetables, responsibilities, messages, target groups, milestones and KPIs are defined.

How do we help?

In order to develop a strategy first, we need to understand the challenges of our client. Thus during the first phase we need to understand the context to have an in-depth picture of the situation. For a sophisticated Employer Branding strategy, it is useful to perform an audit to assess the organization’s leaders’ expectations and the organizational culture (we conduct corporate culture tests, motivation tests and interviews with the employees).
Based on the results of the audit we can start phase two of the development-strategy. For Employer Branding focused projects we have to develop contents that are relevant in the context of the ‘full employee lifecycle.’ Our aim is not just to boost the number of new joiners but also to support the retention of current employees.
We believe that the measure of a good strategy is not the ingenuity and elaborateness of the plan itself, but rather its feasibility.