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Our storytelling workshop

served as a closing session of a several-days-long training delivered to a global company's controller team.

Storytelling workshop


The primary objective of the workshop was to introduce simple storytelling techniques to the participants, to make it easier for them to communicate complex problems and provide clear context both to the directors of different business units and to their business partners. In addition, it was important to the client to finish the several-days-long training program for their 40 employees in a playful way.


Since the workshop could not take longer than three hours we had to precisely determine and clarify each step of the program with the customer. In order to make everyone be able to paricipate we divided them into three teams that worked parallelly.
First the trainers introduced impromptu theater exercises in front of the whole group, discussed the benefits of storytelling and then the participants had the chance to try out the techniques in smaller groups. As a final exercise, the participants had to present their own topic: by identifying a challenge and then telling it to the group with the ’simple storytelling’ technique.
As a conclusion of the workshop, the participants shared their thoughts related to the whole event and also to the possible applications of storytelling techniques at their work.

What did it require?

Improvisational experience: 60%
International experience: 30%
Industry experience: 10%