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Feedback giving about negative subjects

Workshop for a pharmaceutical company's back office staff

Feedback giving about negative subjects


The newly appointed manager of an international pharmaceutical company’s domestic subsidiary faced a challenge: his team-members did not clearly communicate the problems and conflicts to each other, so they did not try to solve them together, but always asked for the guidance of their leader. This caused a significant problem during the daily operation and had negative effects on the group cohesion.


During the annual team-building event where the plan and vision for the next period are clarified we conducted a short workshop for the team.
The aim of the workshop was to support the feedback-giving attitude and interpersonal communicational skills of the participants, while also improving group-cohesion in a playful and entertaining way.
With the help of professional actors, we played fictional, yet, life-like situations. The participants were the directors of these situations and could give instructions to the actors. We practiced techniques that could make the participants realize that there are several ways of solving disagreements and conflicts.

After the directing exercise we conducted a brief skill-building workshop where we focused on attitude, body language, questions, interview techniques and on the structure of messages.

By the end of the workshop, the participants had a basic understanding of these concepts and several techniques that could help them to deal with difficult situations. As a final act, the participants could take the role of the actors and tried to solve various kinds of interactive situations. These were recorded and we provided the footages to the team after the course, so they could see their own and their co-workers behavior from a new, different angle.

What did it require?

Improvisational techniques: 50%
Influencing and assertive communication: 30%
HR support: 20%