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Digital solutions for crisis situations

Digital solutions

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As a result of the pandemic situation, companies and their executives are facing an unprecedented challenge. This new kind of crisis raises many questions, three of which certainly are on the decision-makers’ priority list: How can we manage remote workforce to maintain both business processes and motivation? How can we communicate with our clients, partners, and the general public during this period? How can we get an accurate snapshot of our customers’ and other key players’ opinion on the market trends and topics that are essential to our business?

We can provide the right answer to all these questions in the digital space. But effective digital solutions require expertise. Particularly in cases, when the communication situation, the target audience or the messages call for a proficient presentation and perfect technical execution.

Virtual conference? An announcement by the CEO? Video tutorials? Based on our extensive experience in the television and consulting industry, we offer solutions that ensure effective communication on a wide range of digital channels not only in the current situation but also in the event of a cyclical crisis or prolonged teleworking.

How do we help?

We conceptualise, plan and advise: our experienced trainers and consultants help you design and customise online videos and live announcements. We ensure the effectiveness of highly important streamed

We produce and implement: our well-equipped studio offers a professional work environment for both online appearances and video content creation. In addition to content production, our technical crew can also leverage their expertise in supporting various online events.

We provide a solution for public opinion and market research. Our innovative mobile application, Opinio, allows for much faster and more cost-effective access to market information than standard research methods. Our customers can immediately use the research data for situation analysis, strategy development, campaign planning or important business decisions.


Online executive announcements and broadcasts

Transparent, credible and regular executive and corporate communication are essential in a crisis.

Whether it’s pre-recorded video messages or live streamed statements, we guide our clients throughout the entire preparatory process: from developing the messages through presentation rehearsals to setting up and fine-tuning the technique.

In our studio and with our technical staff, we produce the materials in professional quality and also provide post-production as required.

Video content production (explainer and tutorial videos)

The expansion of virtual communication is drawing users’ attention to easily digestible video content and information. Our team specialising in video content production provides an expert solution to this ever-growing demand.

All businesses have contents that require detailed presentation or explanation. We enable our customers to share these engagingly and proficiently. For example, the introduction of processes to new employees, presenting customer attributes for a sales campaign.

Our service comprises the entire process of video content creation: from concept development to production (including the provision and guidance of actors, dubbers and graphic artists) to post-production and the delivery of “turnkey” video contents.

Virtual events

In the light of intensive digitalisation, bringing virtual events to the communication forefront is a necessary and forward-looking process. However, few service providers in Hungary have experience in planning and implementing this type of events. Moreover, bringing together several complex tasks requires specific expertise.

With the help of our television professionals, trainers, actors and technical experts, we provide support for the successful implementation of virtual events. We manage the projects with a comprehensive approach while paying attention to the smallest practical details, regardless if our assignment is the development of the concept and program plan, the preparation of the presenters or the event host, or the provision of the technical background.

Opinio market and public opinion research app

In the information noise, it is not easy to find and filter out information that is important to our business. And in times of crisis, it is even consumers more difficult to reach and address consumers or employees directly. Besides, indirect information is slow, not necessarily up-to-date, and often distorted.

The Opinio mobile application offers a fast and efficient solution for public opinion and market research. The app is flexible and user-friendly: surveys reach respondents via smartphone, who can respond at any time within a given day, depending on their schedule and availability.

Opinio summarises the opinions of a wide range of respondents and generates statements from the responses using sociological methods. Therefore, Opinio is an outstanding service for all areas where fast, and authentic information is essential: e.g. research, consumer surveys, user reviews, service evaluation, product development.

Digital Knowledge Library

With the experience of our trainers and e-learning partners, we are able to transform the know-how of organizations into a digital knowledge library: a convenient way to distribute video lectures (delivered by subject matter experts) or reference materials.

We also leverage these competencies also for our online training services. If you are looking for a digital training solution, click here to learn more about our online training portfolio.