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Employer Branding Award for our Dreher Inside campaign at DreherFeszt

We are proud that our EB campaign called Dreher Inside at DreherFeszt event earned a bronze qualification at the Employer Branding Award competition organized by the Hungarian Association of Public Relations in 2018. The annual HR competition aims at finding and awarding the best Hungarian employer branding practices.


Our client, Dreher Breweries Ltd. asked us to propose a programme at their annual DreherFeszt event to show the company’s employer branding values to the visitors in 2018.



Dreher Breweries Ltd. is the leading beer manufacturer in Hungary. As the founder of national beer industry, Dreher’s business practice and all its activities are based on the company’s commitment towards quality, fair market competition, environmental consciousness and CSR. With the annual production of 440 million glasses of beer, Dreher directly and indirectly provides for almost 8000 families in sectors like catering, logistics and marketing. The company has more than 620 employees who are committed towards their profession. Dreher Breweries Ltd. are owned by one of the biggest beer and soft drink companies in the world called Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. Dreher produces traditionally Hungarian beer brands like Dreher, az Arany Ászok és a Kőbányai as well as worldwide popular brands as Pilsner Urquell, Kozel or HB.



  • Tradition and modernity
  • Grey matter/knowledge
  • Constructive and supportive team


  • To introduce Dreher as an employer at DreherFeszt event
  • To build a new recruitment platform for the company
  • To address and to involve potential and present employees
  • To increase employer involvement, passion and pride
  • To connect potential applicants to Dreher’s Career Website
  • To promote the company’s upcoming Job Fair


  • Fresh graduates / entrants
  • Experts with a couple of years’ experience
  • Blue collar workers
  • Sales reps


  • To introduce the company as an employer at the 5th DreherFeszt event at Dreher Breweries in 2018.
  • To make employer branding part of the integrated brand experience for visitors.


  • The factory is only a festival location → the audience does not think of it as a workplace
  • The visitors go there to have fun at the concerts → we should not overemphasize HR messages at the festival
  • EB activity is not effective in the dark → EB communication is not effective during the evening concerts → recruitment activities should be held in the afternoon → the target groups should be invited to come earlier than the concerts start → good programmes and incentives
  • The programmes should be exciting for Dreher employees as well → programmes, preparations where they can introduce themselves



The company is more than a brewery: highly educated experts work at logistics, HR, marketing, sales, finance and other fields besides beer production. This diversity in work activities is not clear for the outside world. Let’s offer the visitors of the festival a chance to have a closer look at the real operation practices of the brewery and its unique corporate culture! Let’s involve Dreher employees in the activities so that the visitors can also become “insiders”! That is the purpose of the Dreher Inside programme.


The lounge was the central location of employer branding activities. Besides informal talks with Dreher employee ambassadors, different departments of the company like HR, marketing, sales, finance, production and logistics were introduced to the visitors with exciting interactive exercises. The programmes of the lounge were planned to fit well with other programmes of the festival. Dreher employees were deeply involved in the activities: different departments were involved in planning and executing the programmes. There were 30 Dreher employees coordinating programmes of the lounge all day long highlighting the brand essence elements of Dreher as one team.



Dreher Inside EB programmes were introduced as part of DreherFeszt events. The EB programmes appeared in 26 online programme ads during August 2018. Apart from this we had an intensive content-posting activity on our FB event page throughout of August. The FB page of DreherFeszt also connected visitors to the EB programme’s landing page.



Visitors of the festival were informed about the EB Lounge events at the entrance by hostesses, programme posters and leaflets. The EB programmes were constantly announced by the host of the festival on concert stage as well.



We shot 2 films in the Carrier Lounge. One of them is an Employer Branding video introducing the EB branding activities of Dreher. The film is available on Dreher’s YouTube channel. This film was released to the press after the event.

​Video link.

The other film is a so-called CEO launch video, in which the CEO of the company reports the quarterly events and results of the company to the employees. Parts of the film were shot at the festival. This film was made for internal use, Dreher employees received it in a newsletter and could watch it on LCD monitors of the company.  ​



  • nearly 100 0000 people reached


  • a full-house event during its 4 hours of operation with 160 registered visitors


  • 32 generated press appearances


  • HR could generate a database to be used in later HR communication, job searches and HR events.


Dreher Inside brand was later used at Dreher’s autumn job fair as well with the same visual elements and communication.

Watch the Dreher Inside Job Fair!