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Crisis communications simulation and workshop.

Simulation of crisis scenarios for a leading international FMCG company

Crisis communications simulation and workshop.


It was crucial for the management team of a multinational FMCG company’s domestic subsidiary to be prepared for a possible crisis situation. The aim was to deliver a complex crisis communications workshop combined with real-life simulations. Since the members of the management came from different countries (and none of them was a native English speaker), it was also especially important to monitor the dynamics of the teams.


For the crisis simulation, we prepared a variety of Hungarian press materials (online articles, radio reports and Facebook complaints), and introduced fictional characters (National Food Chain Safety Office representative). A professional actor played an angry customer who visited the company’s representatives. We continuously recorded the simulation and the team members’ interactions. These videos were analyzed and included in a summary report (background material) that we later gave to the participants.

What did it require?

Media experience: 70%
Press review: 20%
Involvement of an actor-trainer: 10%