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Recruitment & onboarding optimalisation

New colleagues develop their decisive experiences of the company during the recruitment and integration process (onboarding). For an optimal employer brand support, it is crucial to harmonise these processes and the related communication.

Relying on our extensive domestic and international experience and methodology, we thoroughly review the recruitment process and its elements both inside and outside the organisation:

  • We examine the communication channels and tools;
  • We map possible factors that may impair efficiency;
  • We develop a solution proposal matrix.

Finding and selecting the right employees for a company’s specific needs is just the first step in a long and complex process. Managers and HR professionals cannot sit back and relax after the recruitment. For them, a more intensive phase begins, during which they must integrate the new employee culturally and operationally.

Like in the recruitment phase, we comprehensively review the available resources. Against this background, we examine how we can achieve an outstandingly positive impact with a proportionate investment – whether our task is communication content design, presentation skills development, or digital channels mapping.


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