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Analytical focus

We live in a data-driven world, and HR and communication are no exception. Leveraging our analytical methodology, we collect data, opinions, and perceptions from different levels of the organisation. We synthesize them to meaningful information intending to develop and present a comprehensive organisational snapshot to our customers.

Our research process:

Secondary Research – The Impact Works Employee Experience Audit Checklist™ explores the processes, tools, and elements that define an organization’s employee experience and employer brand.

Quantitative primary research – With the help of our EVPrism™ employee questionnaire, we form a comprehensive picture of perceptions and opinions about the organisation, in respect of the key categories in job selection.

Qualitative primary Research – using the steps above, we not only understand but also “live and breathe” the life of the organisation and learn about the corporate culture in detail.

We achieve all this with a structured series of managerial interviews, focus group discussions and workshops. We also assign a few days to shadowing or fieldwork, as we find these methods particularly useful in gathering hands-on experience.

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