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Dr. Márta Holló - senior trainer, coach, communications consultant, television editor and anchor

Dr. Márta Holló

Márta is a doctor of laws and also holds a diploma in media sciences as a television editor and presenter. Over 15 years of professional activities, she gained extensive experience in the media industry, holding executive positions as co-founder and editor-in-chief of Hungary’s most-watched daily television magazine program. Currently, Márta leads ATV’s Evening News. In the past four years, she extended her focus to corporate communication, delivering professional services as a trainer, coach, and consultant.

Márta strongly believes in continuous improvement and learning: in continuation of her studies, she obtained the CEU Executive MBA diploma a couple of years ago.

In line with her credo “You are what you show yourself to the world,” she helps companies, organizations, and individuals attain their communication goals.

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