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Personal Branding

Personal Branding

In what can we help?

The advantage of brands is that they help us to make decisions. We choose brands that we know, and that have strengths and offer benefits. A personal brand is what people say about us when we’re not there. You have your own brand, just like everyone else. But do you ever take the time to think about what is your brand and how well you communicate the message that can strengthen that brand? Build your personal awareness and fine tune your image.

How do we help?

The training helps to support your brand-awareness

We help you to identify the channels of communication and key stakeholders who may be the most important to you

The training prepares you for specific situations. Whether it’s a meeting or networking event, we provide you with the tools and techniques, that can support you and your message.

Personal branding training
  • 16 hours long
  • Basic brand building techniques and situational exercises
  • Background material and support: video recording and theoretical booklet
In order to support the 'personal brand mentality', we use self-awaraness tests and facilitate group discussions during the first part of the training. We focus on areas of motivation and values, elevator pitch, brand message and USP (Unique Selling Proposition), key stakeholders and channels. Then, in the second part of the training, we work with real-life situations that the participants might encounter (e.g. personal introduction, negotiation, networking events) and provide tools and techniques that can help them to show themselves in an assertive way and impress their partners.

Personal branding coaching
  • Duration: flexible
  • Individual support for charismatic communication
  • Background material and support: video recording and theoretical booklet
During the coaching sessions, we work less on the personal brand mindset and focus primarily on expected real-life situations (personal introduction, negotiation, networking events). Our aim is to help the participants to be more charismatic in such situations. Part of the sessions is a general survey of communication skills and additional skills development. Based on these we conduct a variety of simulations of the situations with the help of professional actors.


Unique challenges require tailored solutions. Get in touch with us and we develop a training proposal for you.