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Copywriting and design support for presentations

Copywriting and design support for presentations

In what can we help?

Our presentation is the most convincing and we can make a deep, long-lasting impact if our content and visuals are in perfect harmony.

Thanks to our full-scale, end-to-end support, you can count on us in every single detail of your public appearance!

Our experienced copywriters and graphic designers help you find the proper style, words and visuals that fit the occasion.

Our aim is to lift as much weight off your shoulders as possible, so that you can prepare for your high-stake presentations calmly, with the support of a professional team.

How do we help?

We assess your exact needs during an individual consultation in person, get a general understanding of your personal style, and analyze your skillset.

Our copywriters build a clear and well-structured speech, putting emphasis on the messages of your presentation, meeting the required time-frame.

Our team of graphic designers analyzes your presentation outline and creates matching visual material.

In case of a longer and higher-stake presentation, we are also able to create a slideshow with completely unique visual imagery.

When ready, we test the speech and slideshow with the help of our trainers.

What kind of speeches and presentations can we help you with?

Annual assessments, annual reports

Idea and investor pitches

Welcome speeches, opening speeches


Strategy plans, development reports

Recruitment speeches, corporate speeches

Speeches for other special occasions


Copywriter support

Preparing a speech with a unique style

Using the storytelling method

Structuring your speech in a way that is impactful, but easy to follow for your audience

Working on catchy and impactful elements to make your speech more colorful

Achieving the desired outcome even without visual support

The aim of our copywriting support is to make sure that you are able to communicate your messages in shorter and longer presentations in a clear and understandable way with creative elements and metaphors for a wider audience. A well-structured speech makes it easier for you to stand in front of an audience and provide them with a memorable experience.


Graphic support

Quick graphic support to fine-tune already existing presentations

Thorough, uniquely designed presentations in case of longer presentations with the aim to impress

Creating a perfect fit to your verbal content

In many cases getting ready for a presentation means trying to perfect our slides and graphs. Do not waste your time editing your presentation slides! You can trust and count on our graphic designers in improving and developing your existing presentation, or even creating a new one from scratch.

Trust us with your visual content, and focus only on getting ready for your presentation!



Highlighting the essence, the main messages of your presentation

Help with the interpretation, illustrations

Graphic design

It is often the case that our presentations and reports include important data, or even references that require a wider range of knowledge that makes it difficult for your audience to focus. If you want to make sure that your presented information is preserved by your audience, use a digital or a printed handout! These accompanying documents made by the cooperation of our graphic designers and copywriters will help you make your presentation even more memorable.