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Remote Conflict Management

Remote Conflict Management

Where can we help?

We tend to experience conflicts as critical stress situations – and that is why we try to avoid them. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is even more prevalent in the online space. But why does all this pose a severe challenge to us? Neglected or unresolved personal conflicts deteriorate the performance and motivation of remotely managed colleagues, as well as organizational trust and commitment. Therefore, leaders must have an effective toolbox that enables us to timely and duly recognise and manage conflicts.


How do we help?

We examine how conflicts in virtual space differ from personal conflicts, and we examine what appropriate strategies we can use for conflict management.

To facilitate a deeper understanding of a solution-focused approach, we review different possible perspectives and aspects of conflict situations.

Participants learn efficient, easy-to-learn, and practical tools for managing virtual conflict situations.

We explain the impact that a conflict situation exerts on the entire organization, and we shed light on the benefits of resolving conflicts.

Using role-plays, we simulate conflict situations in the organization and examine how we can constructively resolve these.

Remote Conflict Management Training

3 x 90 minutes in multiple sessions

Digital course in a group of 4 participants and 1 trainer

Following the training, participants will be able to effectively manage conflict situations in the digital space.