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Feedback Essentials

Feedback Essentials

Where can we help?

We all have experienced how difficult it is to give and receive feedback. Nevertheless, constructive feedback is an essential leadership tool for effective performance management. In this training, we learn and analyse feedback from the content and communication perspective. We also cover the aspects of negative feedback, as well as the fundamentals of positive leadership. Receiving and leveraging feedback is essential for the improvement of leadership skills, and this is why we pay distinctive attention to this topic.


How do we help?

We learn the functions of feedback and examine why it is an essential part of daily leadership activities.
Using an easy-to-apply model, we learn the key steps of development-focused feedback.
We examine what personal aspects play a role in receiving feedback and learn how to utilize them.
We use role-play exercises to analyse specific feedback situations that pose a challenge to participants, and we develop solutions together with the group.

Feedback Essentials Training

Total duration: 8 hours, available as a single or multisession training.
With 1 trainer for 6-8 participants or with 2 trainers for 10-12 participants (also with the participation of an actor if necessary)
Digital version with one trainer for min. 4 participants.
Available as live, online or blended training.
Following the training, participants will be able to give effective and development-focused feedback, supporting feedback culture within the organization.