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Executive coaching support

Executive coaching support

In what can we help?

A good leader does not only know their own style and chooses their words carefully, but also has the ability to communicate their messages in a harmonic and assertive way. During our sessions, we help you recognize your challenges in business meetings, negotiation, reporting and presenting situations and provide practical solutions to overcome them, while making sure that you are aware of your own strengths and personal brand.

We aim to support leaders with making their communication more efficient, and presenting them with different methods they can use to motivate others.

The first phase of our Executive communication coaching and Executive leadership and communication coaching is the professional analysis of your needs, which is then followed by a customized development plan.

How do we help?

We assess your actual needs during one-on-one meetings, providing full discretion.

We combine the methodology of leadership coaching and communication training; the classic coaching session is always followed up by a skill building communication session.

Beyond the general skill development, we provide support for your next challenging communication related event as well, may it be a media appearance or an annual report.

We use improvisational role-play and situational exercises to provide a deeper insight and understanding of complex leadership situations.

The participant and the trainer analyze the video recordings made during the training together, to support self-reflection, and provide you with a tool that you can use for self-development after the coaching sessions.

What kind of expectations have we met so far?

Fighting stage fright during public presentations and reports

Controlling and fully understanding body language

Developing confident speaking skills

Communicating efficiently with different personality types

Creating a positive atmosphere

Finding and applying the right attitude in a situation

Assertive communication among top management

Speechwriting for special occasions

Successful conflict management

Taking responsibility and making decisions

Handling stress in connection with public appearances

Efficient negotiation techniques


Executive communication coaching

At least 3-hour long sessions

Unique, personalized program customized to fit your exact needs

Background materials: video recordings and customized individual feedback

The aim of the coaching process is to use real-life communication situations to develop your personal communication toolkit and skills. During these sessions, we help you prepare for standard or possible future issues that can occur in a situation, and practice efficient ways to solve them with ease.


Executive leadership and communication coaching

1-hour leadership coaching and at least 3-hour communication coaching per session

Unique, personalized program customized to fit your exact needs

Background materials: video recordings and customized individual feedback

The general aim of the coaching process is to strengthen your general leadership behavior and toolkit, form your leadership identity, map out your possible leadership styles and opportunities, develop your leadership communication, sense of responsibility and decision making.