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Digital solutions for home-based working and remote collaboration

Digital solutions for home-based working and remote collaboration

Where can we help?

In the weeks of persistent home-based and teleworking, all businesses have to ask a complicated question. What kind of digital support and training solutions do our colleagues need most, and how can we serve their digital needs in a way that is both efficient and fun?

For communication skills and leadership development, the Impact Works training service spectrum offers several digital solutions and programs that can be combined flexibly.

  • IMPACT RECORDED: pre-recorded online courses
  • IMPACT STREAM: live-streaming training and coaching
  • IMPACT BLENDED: solutions with live follow-up

You can read more about our digital and blended training courses in our Digital Training Portfolio.

How do we help?

Impact Recorded solutions allow participants to lay a solid foundation for their theoretical and technical knowledge with pre-recorded lessons. Between each video lesson, participants complete tasks and receive specific feedback.

Our Impact Stream solutions use real-time interaction: during the small group sessions, the trainer contacts the participants live. In the case of one-on-one sessions, we provide support for the participant’s specific challenges.

Impact Blended can be an excellent conclusion of the learning process. Participants completing the digital phases of the training program at different times can practice and test themselves in a joint workshop.

Training courses available in digital and blended form


‘How can we collaborate in the virtual space?’

In the days of persistent home-based and teleworking, the overexpansion of online meetings may undermine effective communication. Our Virtual Communication program delivers a solution with practical techniques, tips and tricks. Participants will be able to use verbal and non-verbal tools that help them add weight to their messages (volume, focus, pauses) even in a virtual environment. 


‘The art of impressive presentation (even online)’

Holding a presentation to an unknown audience is not an easy task. But what if we have to face this challenge online? Does not seeing the reaction of the audience help us deal with stress? Or is it even more challenging when we have no way to tell whether the audience is listening? We developed this online presentation program based on our classic “Presenting with Impact” training. 


‘How to tell my story and my vision?’

Everyone has a story that can inspire, motivate or educate others, or that is simply worth sharing. The purpose of our “Storytelling with Impact” training is to help participants find their own stories and tell them authentically. Participants will know simple narratives and structures that can be easily applied to lectures or classic presentations. 


‘Effective communication and leadership online’

Leadership is a challenging job, especially when we cannot communicate with our colleagues in person, and our communication capabilities are limited. How to motivate, give feedback, and collect relevant and essential information? Because these questions are unique to every executive and organisation, we provide individual consultation and training to our clients. 


‘How can I write concise and engaging copies?’

During the weeks of home-based and telework, written communication will grow exponentially, along with the length of copies and written contents. But long emails and documents very often lose the focus or miss the target. With our Business Writing program, you will learn how to create emails or materials for decision making faster – and at least as importantly, your copies will be easy to read and understand. 


‘How to give and receive feedback?’

Giving professional feedbacks gain more and more importance in a world where virtualisation limits communication channels and capabilities. Therefore, it is essential to provide feedback accurately and professionally. The same message has a different effect when conveyed in person or through a video call. For that reason, the content aspect of the feedback and the message formulation becomes even more critical. Our “Feedback Essential” program provides a solution to this new situation. 


‘How do I become an authentic and effective leader?’

In the age of automation and digitisation, the importance of technical expertise is indisputable. The acceleration of technological development gives rise to social competences and managerial skills that may contribute to the long-term sustainability of this development. In a rapidly changing business environment, there will be an increasing need for executives who use adaptive, constructive and progressive tools. 


‘How can I become an executive from a manager?’

We can rightfully feel that it is incredibly challenging to find adequate answers to leadership questions in the digital space. In this new context, tools that work in person often fail to provide consensual solutions. However, we still must quickly and effectively respond to critical situations. Impactful Leadership gives leaders a solution-focused tool for this challenge.


‘How can I improve as a senior executive?’

Remote team-leading poses an extreme challenge for leaders since they have to drive and maintain dynamism, collaboration, and constructive attitude. They also need to plan capacity, delegate tasks, set priorities and fine-tune strategy. However, they receive even less direct feedback than before. The Leadership in Spotlight workshop enables participants to transfer and use managerial skills in the virtual world.

Our training solutions

Impact Recorded: pre-recorded online courses

Relevant content: lessons tailored to specific customer needs

Custom feedback

Flexible LMS implementation

For those who like to advance at their own pace, we offer a series of pre-recorded video lessons. Depending on whether your partner prefers their own LMS system or is looking for a complex solution, we can tailor the training program to specific and custom needs.

If required, we can tailor the visual appearance of the course to specific corporate visual and design elements. We can also adapt the course contents – from key messages to practical tasks- to individual needs.

We do not use one-way communication: participants are not passive content consumers; they progress by completing tasks throughout the training course. Participants in our communication skills development programs can make video records of their tasks and exercises (e.g. short presentations) and receive subsequent feedback from the trainer.


Impact Stream: real-time training and coaching

Short and intense sessions

Live online consultation and follow-up

Individual and small-group sessions

Skype, Teams, Zoom or Hangouts – regardless of the channel, we can deliver many of our training courses and individual coaching sessions online. If applicable, we split the entire program into 60-minute sessions to keep the participants interested and motivated.

During the small group sessions, we use real-time interaction: the trainer contacts the participants live, which allows for instant responses and feedback. Accordingly, we strive to work in small groups, ensuring adequate attention for each participant.

In the case of one-on-one sessions, we provide support for the participant’s specific challenges.


Impact Blended: training courses and workshops with individual follow-up

A practical solution for digital training follow-up

Short, bite-sized workshops

Suitable for a larger group of participants compared to standard training courses

We can enhance the online training with a subsequent personal workshop or training session that ‘only’ focuses on the practice.

The Impact Blended component can be an excellent conclusion of the digital learning process. Participants completing the digital phases of the training program at different times can practice and test themselves in a joint workshop.

In our experience with blended programs, live training allows for a shorter duration or increased number of participants than conventional courses.

Because of the practical methodology, this program component provides an enjoyable and useful experience for participants.