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CSR planning

CSR planning

In what can we help?

There are several differences between a one-time donation and CSR campaigns, but perhaps the most significant is that the latter is hoped to get some media coverage. It is not a simple task. Recently, we supported the work of Gyermekétkeztetési Alapítvány (a foundation supporting malnourished children) with national campaigns. Currently, we support a kindergarten focused on Roma and underprivileged children.
We experienced it first hand that following the objectives of a clear strategy a CSR campaign can provide significant added value to any brand and organization.

How do we help?

From the media coverage of individual CSR events all the way to the complex campaigns we can provide support to our partners.
Defining the purpose of the campaing and identifying the scope of the stakeholders of the program; development of the key messages and generating press coverage are the areas where we can help.