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Compassionate leadership

Compassionate leadership

Where can we help?

As a leader, in addition to the several tasks and pressure placed on us, little attention is paid to the human side of the leadership. However, it is also our responsibility to motivate employees and address their challenges. What we do as a leader is not only important at the operational level, but it is also essential how we do it. This is especially true in our post-pandemic world where we have to maintain the commitment of our employees in the midst of continuous meetings and countless emails.

We know that people typically choose a company but leave because of a leader. It is not surprising that the quality of leadership compassion has a tangible impact not only on commitment but also on team collaboration and performance. At Impact Works, we believe that the ability to manage emotions and show them should be part of the modern leadership toolkit. During our training, we provide useful tools to make compassionate leadership a reality.

How do we help?

Recognition and awareness of emotions is the first step to develop your emotional intelligence. Through psychological and coaching practices, we address the awareness and recognition of one’s own and others’ emotions and the importance of this in leadership work.

We highlight the role of compassion in leadership work and its functions from a psychological perspective.

We deal with the practical implementation of compassionate leadership through specific situations and case studies. How can I give negative feedback? How should I communicate difficult decisions? What should I do if there is a confrontation between the team members?

We look at how we can deal with emotionally difficult situations along specific tools and practices. We examine the significance of emotions in conflict situations and practice dealing with them.

As a leader, we deal with how we can control our emotions and how to deal with unexpected situations that require a quick decision.

We will practice empathic listening, reflection, and use coaching-type leadership tools to support leaders in recognizing the emotions, attitudes, needs, and motivations of others.

Compassionate leadership training

Available as live, online or blended training.
As a classroom training with 2 trainers with max. 12 participants in 8 hours (also with the participation of an actor if necessary) – in one session or in more bite-sized sessions
Digital version with 2 trainers with max. 8 participants, in 3×120 min.
After the training, the participating leaders will be able to apply the basics of compassionate leadership in practice.