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Crisis communication

Crisis communication

In what can we help?

A crisis can occur at any time and any place; especially when nobody is expecting it. These crises threaten the operation of organizations and by damaging the company’s reputation they can easily cause a loss of revenue. Therefore, it is important that an organization and their key representatives are able to react to an emergency quickly and in a professional way.

How do we help?

With a proper emergency-management we can not only minimize the loss, but can also boost our organization’s reputation by enhancing confidence in its products or services.
The time of emergency is not a great period to experiment and invent new solutions because there is very little time to plan a response. So everything and everyone has to be in place.
When working on a crisis communication strategy our first objective is to thoroughly analyze the organization’s communication processes. We prepare a crisis communication plan of the highest standards and test this plan by simulating a crisis-situation. So, we demonstrate to the organization’s management that such a plan could be applied to any crisis at any time. Finally, to ensure effectiveness we provide continuous external assistance.