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Audit – HR surveys

Audit – HR surveys

In what can we help?

We audit the organization and develop effective training programs for its employees. On our full-day Development Center Programs (and for selection processes our Assessment Centers) skilled experts (e.g. psychologists, communication experts and actors) listen to the essential details and look for relevant information based on the applicant’s behavior during a simulated situation. Thanks to our skilled team of actors we are able to simulate real-life situations during which we can test the performance of the participants.
We can predict work performance. Plenty of consultants advice you to use various questionnaires and structured interviews but few offer services that can actually help you to predict future work performance of your colleagues. A personality assessment can be very useful because it has a wide scope of “sample profiles” related to various kinds of job requirements. As a result you can get an objective view on the candidate’s personality, skills and their ability to execute the tasks related to their job and to perform well in the given corporate culture.

How do we help?

The AC / DC methodology is based on human behavior and competencies. We examine cooperation, communication, leadership skills, stress tolerance, prioritization skills and decision-making methods, along with other company and job-specific competencies. Typical tasks are case studies, presentations, and situational practices.
Our clients most often use DC during the following processes: the creation of an individual or a team level development plan; exploration of team’s and organization’s deficiencies and weaknesses; talent identification and succession planning.

Additionally, based on a job profile we can predict and indicate the suitability of a candidate for the given position.
Potential employees can be surveyed in order to clarify the areas of further development.
By determining sample profiles, we can support both the employees and the management of the organization by helping the performance evaluation discussions and offering a possible basis for further career development.